Lydel & Kaye Prenup – Corregidor

Corregidor (“THE ROCK”) is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is stragetically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. This island fortress stands as a memorial for the courage, valor, and heroism of its Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II.  (grab from Corregidor Island Official Website).

This is my second visit to Corregidor, Its was 4 years ago since I last visited the Island. Gabe was about 3 years old then when I took her there with Tey and I was just starting photography. I had tons of pictures since I was so excited shooting but of course most of them were not so good. hehehe. Knowing that I will be coming back again with Lydel & Kaye’s prenup pictorial I was now prepared. I brought about 5 different cameras (from film to digital) just to capture its beauty.

Corregidor Island in my opinion is highly recommended place to have your prenup pictorial or maybe even postnup shoot. A well balanced pictorial location since you have everything there, from beach, greens, mountains, architechture and of course ruins. Sometimes if you get lucky you can also capture “GHOST” in your photos!

Just a few tip when you want to have your prenup shoot there.

1. Since this is a package tour, you will be with other tourist so, time is very limited is you join them. What my client did was to hire a van so that we can have our own time for shoots. Day tour is about PhP 1690 (via Sun Cruises Inc.) with lunch buffet. Van rental cost 1500 for 4 hours.

2. If you love sunsets/sunrise, we suggest you take the overnight package since the day tour is only up to 3pm. Overnight package tour PhP 2,500 with breakfast.

3. Lastly, bring you own BEER! Beer in can cost 80 pesos each! hahaha.

Ok, enough said, let me share with you the AMAZING prenup photos of Lydel and Kaye. this had got to be one of my favorite work lately.


They are just so natural!

As a photographer when I have location shoot I make sure to make make audience FEEL as if they are there. FEEL the place, show its potential.

Of course I will never leave my PANORAMIC camera at home!

Photo shoots are not that easy as it seems to be. To be able to get a good shot, we all have to sacrifice a bit.

at the Japanese garden

at the beach

This has got to be the most difficult shot I made. Perfect timing and good balance of natural light and flash. I had to use two flashes with this shot, one in front for FILL and the other one at the back to highlight the splashing water. I’m so glad we dit it on the 5th time. hehehe.

another panoramic shot

witht the ever famous Tranvia ride.

and another panoramic shot with the Tranvia

woke up early morning just to capture the Mile Long Barracks with this setup

Some posed shots, ala models. Im not good with this but luckily we pulled it off. hehehe.

Another favorite panoramic shot. I love this camera so much!. On the side note, many ask me why did I buy a film panoramic camera when you can do this on digital? Yeah, I know that you can do this on digital but I want to feel the REAL thing. There are two ways you can do this digitally, the most common is the stitching thing via image editing softwares. The other one which is not recommendable is to crop a picture in a panoramic way then resize later. Basically, whats unique about my HORIZON Perfekt panoramic camera is the way you control its concaveness by placing the bubble marker in each end. I like that effect so much!

Love this effect with the capiz door and window. Light outisde was artificially lighted since it was raining very hard.

and lastly, my favorite shot of the whole shoot again using Horizon Perfekt.

glen&mich - I am amazed!!

Kaye - Ang ganda!!! Some of the shots in here I only got to see now since you were using film but they look realllyyyy good.

Despite the not-so smooth sailing sea on the way there and the uncooperative weather, I’m still very happy sa mga pictures. Lyds and I are so pleased with the outcome.

Looking forward for more pictures on D DAY.

Thanks Nelwin and Tey plus Kuya Dalton for making the trip fun and memorable :)

lanie - wow! sobrang ganda! i’m speechless… parang gusto ko ulit ng pre-nup haha! great job nelwin!

Celina - wow, these are fantastic shots.:) i especially love the ones with the ruins as the background. great job!:)

suysuy - ganda ah!!! parang lahat na ata ng pictures nila andyan na… may makikita pa bang iba yung mga guest nila?!?!?! =)

lydel’s fan - Ibang klase talaga ang mga mata at ngiti ni lydel… lalo na dun sa splashing water!
nelwin’s timing plus lydel’s pose… a masterpiece!
Congrats againg lyds and kaye!

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